BQ.Live started with a purpose, to help educate people and businesses with the use of Direct To Garment (DTG) equipment for t-shirts. Our first episode was May 24th, 2016 with Eric Deem being an integral part of BQ.Live. Exciting times happen in life and he and his wife Brooke increased their family number by one. Being apart from other family members, they had to make a tough decision, to move back around family. We appreciate the time Eric spent his time here with BelQuette and BQ.Live.

We are currently "Under Construction". We have multiple opportunities to entertain and are uncertain of which direction to go with BQ.Live. We always welcome feedback and encourage you to share with us your thoughts. We are working to quickly bring BQ.Live back whether it's the same format or different, we have yet to determine. Even though we've had only 14 episodes, we do believe we've packed those with quite a bit of information. Information we hope has been helpful to you and the industry as a whole.

Please stay tuned for more information on BQ.Live and thanks for watching!

In the beginning, DTG was void and without form. As it began to develop, the creators wrote the Ten Commandments of DTG Printing to keep the owners in line with right and wrong. Join Jerid and Eric as they proselytize would be owners and teach them these commands.